Abby’s Sick

Worked late tonight in order to get in a new version of the Radio Show data. It’s a pretty amazing feature and can’t wait until other people can listen to it. The people calling into the Radio Show was finally in so I got to hear myself calling into the Tony Bruno show. That was pretty cool.

Abby’s sick again. It’s too bad because she’s going to miss her final day of school tomorrow. Jennifer has a church meeting tomorrow morning, so I’m going to stay home with her until she gets home.

Happy Fun Spot

Today Tiburon organized a Madden celebration party at Fun Spot. Jennifer and the kids picked me up from work and then we drove down there as a family. Abby rode various kids rides. She also got to ride with me and Jennifer on the go carts. We had pizza and after dinner played games to win tickets. It was nice to get away from work and visit with the family. It was also nice to come home at a decent hour and go to bed. The next couple of days will feature pictures from today.

Bug Catcher

This is the last week of school for Abby. Today they gave gifts to all the students. Abby got a Bug Catcher kit: a clear box with some plastic tweezers and a bug net. She spent the afternoon in the driveway hunting for bugs. She caught an ant.

Abby spent the evening swimming at one of our neighbors. Jennifer said she passed out when she got home. She said that we will need to borrow the neighbor’s pool more often (until we can afford our own pool).

Today’s picture is Emily playing with her dolls. Note the two big front two teeth.


This past weekend I had to buy a new VCR for the kids’ playroom. After we got it home all of a sudden the new VCR was doing exactly what the old VCR was doing. It turns out that one of their videos had gunk all over it and that was getting transferred to the heads so the picture wasn’t showing up. I manually wound the tape ahead of the gunk and the heads cleaned themselves.

Today’s picture is Abby and Emily looking out of the window in our room.

Back to Work

Back to work today. George left around noon and I was off to work. Jennifer is shopping around trying to get the perfect fabric for our new sofas that were are going to be buying for our living room. She’s purchased an area rug and now she’s trying to match the fabric of the sofas with the fabric of the rug. The big debate now is whether or not to get a sleeper-sofa. We already have a futon upstairs in the office, but we are trying to make sure we have enough room for people to come and visit or, for the long term, if we eventually get rid of the futon.

Jennifer and the kids went to the park today, too.

Baseball Day

Day off from work today as George was in town visiting. We didn’t do much. We scoured the Internet to find a minor league baseball game to go to. Unfortunately the Orlando minor league baseball team moved to Montgomery Alabama last year and they were renamed the “Biscuits“. All the other games were too far away. We thought about going to an Orlando Predators Arena Football game, but ironically, they were playing in Austin today.

Instead, we stayed home and played MVP Baseball all day. I finally hit my first home run. I really hope I had more time to play MVP more often, but work is currently cutting into all my free time right now. Perhaps in July once our busy time is over with. It’s a pretty addictive game.

The kids jumped around the house all day today. They were even more rambunctious since we had company. Today’s picture was taken while Emily was in the bath tub.

Water Day

Today was “water day” at Abby’s school. She got to go to school in her bathing suit. She said there was a water slide and a bounce house to jump in. Next week is Abby’s last week of pre-school. Next year we are going to be moving her to a school closer to us. She will also be going three days a week for 5 hours. She currently only goes two days a week of 3 hours.

George came by work and I showed him the current state of Madden. I left work early to show George the new house. We ordered in food and got caught up with his move closer into downtown Houston and other mutual friends from school. George and I usually play NCAA football or a baseball league computer game and pass the files back and forth. I felt like we needed to start up another one while he was here, but we just came to the realization that we are both way too busy now a days that we just don’t have time. Hopefully we can both settle down and get back to playing another league in the near future.

Today’s picture is from the Easter Egg Hunt a few months ago.

Working Thursday

Not much going on today. Jennifer has been cleaning the house in preparation of George visiting this weekend. He is our first house guest since we moved into the new house and we are trying to get all the things necessary for when you have a guest: mainly setting up the guest bathroom.

Vacuum Return

I met the girls at Chucky Cheese for dinner today. We had a fun time of eating pizza and winning tickets. I was amazed that Abby could actually work this machine where air blows around some ping pong balls and you take this net on a stick and collect the balls and put this in this bucket. I was impressed.

I bought Jennifer a new vacuum for Mother’s Day which was lighter and more compact for easier clean up of things that get on the floor. After all, Abby’s Barbie vacuum can only pick up so much. We needed something more powerful. Unfortunately when she opened it, it was busted. I also thought it was cordless. The pictures of the vacuum on the outside of the box showed no cords. Anyway, she returned it to Target today and got one she wanted. It was cordless and it allows her to quickly get all those crumbs off the floor that are generated by the girls. It’s times like these when we miss our beagles, Sam and Sierra. Today’s picture is of Abby and Emily making more messes on the floor.

One Month of Entries

One full month of web log entries. It’s a pretty big accomplishment with how busy I’ve been at work. I’ve found it only really takes about fifteen minutes of my time each day to write something here. I feel I probably have at least that much time per day to spare.

Today’s my father’s birthday. Happy Birthday Poppy! The girls miss you and can’t wait to see you next month. Today’s picture is from this winter when my parents came up to visit and we all went to Mickey’s Christmas.