Vacuum Return

I met the girls at Chucky Cheese for dinner today. We had a fun time of eating pizza and winning tickets. I was amazed that Abby could actually work this machine where air blows around some ping pong balls and you take this net on a stick and collect the balls and put this in this bucket. I was impressed.

I bought Jennifer a new vacuum for Mother’s Day which was lighter and more compact for easier clean up of things that get on the floor. After all, Abby’s Barbie vacuum can only pick up so much. We needed something more powerful. Unfortunately when she opened it, it was busted. I also thought it was cordless. The pictures of the vacuum on the outside of the box showed no cords. Anyway, she returned it to Target today and got one she wanted. It was cordless and it allows her to quickly get all those crumbs off the floor that are generated by the girls. It’s times like these when we miss our beagles, Sam and Sierra. Today’s picture is of Abby and Emily making more messes on the floor.