First Day of School 2011

The first day of school is finally here! Jennifer is especially excited because the girls will be out of the house for a week before she has to start up school herself, continuing towards her Bachelors in Interior Design. The downside for me is I have to wake up a little earlier to get the girls out of the door since I’m on breakfast duty.

Abby is going into 5th grade this year, it being her last year in elementary school. Next year she’s going to be responsible for getting herself on the bus. Emily is going into the 2nd grade and Izzy into the 1st grade. We were happy to find out that Izzy got Ms. Owens for her teacher this year, who was Emily’s reading teacher last year. Izzy isn’t showing any signs yet of the same reading issues that Emily has, but at least Ms. Owens can help diagnose it early if that is the case.

It’s funny how the anxiety of sending them off to school now is totally gone. I remember that day five years ago when we put Abby on the school bus for the first time. Now we are practically shoving them onto the bus and waving goodbye.