Shopping for Health Insurance

This week our television was finally fixed. So, it was down and out for a whole month. As I mentioned before, this does not bode well for us buying a Mitsubishi ever again. Another company had to come out and fix the problem that the other company couldn’t diagnose. This time it worked. Jennifer is glad to finally have a television down stairs. She was having to wait until after the girls went to bed and sneak up and watch their television at night.

One thing that you miss when you go back to working for a small company is really good health insurance. The company I’m working for now is pretty small, only about 60 employees, and as such, the monthly charge on their health insurance was quite high. Because of this, I shopped around and found one that we are going to try out. It continues to be with UnitedHealthcare, which is the provider we had for EA. We had to go with them because they have doctors both in Florida and Texas. We really don’t go to the doctor that much, so this one has a low monthly cost, but you have to pay for the visits in full up to the deductible. I played around with some scenarios and this one ended up being the best for our average case. We figure if it ends up costing more than we expected, we could just switch next year. The difference between the monthly savings and deducible are within a few hundred dollars, so I figured it was a safer bet to go with this insurance. We’ll see.


Today was a day of exploration for me. First, I went to the 11:00 service at First United Methodist Sugar Land. This is the church we are thinking of joining when the whole family is here. I signed up Isabelle for their pre-school just last week. The service was okay. The minister was good, a good southern preacher who draws you in with his stories. However, this service was a contemporary service and I’m not so keen on that type of service. It appears that the 9:00 service is a traditional one and I’m going to try that out next week. One thing I thought was interesting was that they had a church podcast. I dialed it in for my Zune and I figured I would try it out.

The other thing I checked out was a Mongolian Bar-B-Q restaurant in Missouri City called Nyonya Grill. It was a family run joint, but was pretty good. It had the traditional Mongolian Bar-B-Q bar and grill with regular sauces that you mix to get the taste you like. It reminded me of the Hans Mongolian that we like over in Clear Lake.

Back in Orlando, Jennifer wrapped up the week long Hannah’s Closet consignment sale up at our church in Winter Park. Jennifer always helps out with the sale and they expressed their thanks and sorrow for seeing Jennifer moving back to Texas. It was a long hard week and I know Jennifer is exhausted. They are continuing to show the house on a regular basis, but no bites yet. We are still hopeful that they will be joining me in Texas real soon.