Izzy’s 5th Birthday Party


It doesn’t happen that often that we can actually have one of the girls’ parties on their exact birthday, but that happened this year with Izzy. We figured since her birthday fell on this Sunday, we would have it on that day. It was a little tricky since her last day of pre-school was last week, so we needed to make sure and get all the invitations out to her class mates before the end of the year.

We decided to just have a part at the house and invite some of the neighbors and Izzy’s classmates from pre-school. We didn’t have much of a turn out, only about a quarter of the kids that were in her class were able to make it, but Izzy didn’t seem to care. They had fun playing various games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We ordered some pizza and then had some cake. Izzy was all smiles, which she usually is. She is very excited about turning five and going to her sisters’ school next year. She can hardly wait.