Going Home Early

Not much happened today. We had a normal day at work. Since we worked so hard to get the E3 build out, our Development Director let everyone go ahead and go home. I didn’t feel like I got that many bugs fixed today and I ended the day in double digit positive numbers, but if someone tells me to go home, I’m going home.

Jennifer found a solution to the sand in the car problem: go get the car cleaned and have them vacuum it out.

Here’s another picture from yesterday at the beach.

New Features Revealed

EA has finally revealed more features that are going to be in Madden 2005 this year. The ones that I worked on are: the newspaper, EA Sports Radio, and the e-mail system. All of these features help you keep track of things that are going on around the league while playing your franchise. I’m very proud of all the new features and I think that they are going to be well received. EA put out new screen shots which I’ve incorporated into my Madden 2005 web site.