Monster Jammies

My duty of watching the kids this weekend has begun. I left work early to let Jennifer head off for her church retreat. After I got Emily off to bed, but Abby wanted to pop popcorn and so we watched the Disney movie Brother Bear while eating popcorn. We only lasted an hour before Abby started falling asleep. Since I’ve been working so much, I’m finally am getting a chance to catch up on all of my TV viewing this evening.

Today’s picture is from a couple of months ago. Both of the girls in their matching “monster jammies”.

Normal Thursday

This will be a short entry, because I’m tired and I want to head off to bed. Not much happened today. One of the prongs on Jennifer’s engagement ring bent and she had to take it to a jeweler. They said that they would clean it up so Jennifer left her wedding with them as well. She got it back today all nice and shinny. They both look brand new.

Since there isn’t many pictures of Abby lately, today’s picture is of Abby in her playroom.

Sale of a Video Card

Home at a decent hour today. Too many hours at work. I had to escape. I missed seeing the kids so I got home before they were going to bed.

Right before I bought the two new Dell computers, I was planning on building my own computer. I bought an ATI All-In-Wonder 9000 in anticipation of building the new computer. I thought I was going to be able to put it in my old computer before buying a new motherboard. Unfortunately it required a 2x AGP slot and the old computer just had a 1x AGP slot. I didn’t even know there were different speeds of AGP slots when I bought the card. Anyway, since I bought the new computers it made the video card obsolete, so I decided to try and get my money back by selling it on eBay. I sent in the rebate and then I was able to see it for $115 on eBay. There were no bids all week and finally during the last hour someone put in a bid. Now I’m just waiting for the money to arrive.

Today’s picture is from Emily playing around the house. Lately she’s been hiding in the pantry and popping out with this really funny expression on her face.

Garbage Can Blues

Another long day at work. I’ve been putting the long hours in because this weekend I’m being left alone with the kids as Jennifer treks off to a church retreat. That’s right, I will be left all alone with the kids almost all weekend.

Yesterday morning a note was left on our large garbage can by the garbage men. Apparently we aren’t supposed to have garbage cans over 32 gallons. We have one that is 50 gallons that we bought in Austin and moved here with us. We’ve been using it for five months now. What made them all of a sudden not like our garbage can?

Today was Abby’s school picture. I will scan it in and post it here once we get it in. At home, Abby’s been not wanting to get her picture taken lately as evident by today’s picture at the beach. You tell her to say “cheese” and she says “no” and turns away from the camera.

Sitting in Traffic

Believe it or not, but it’s almost 1:00 in the morning and I’m currently sitting in the middle of I-4 in deadlock traffic. You got to love laptop computers. I’m able to write this since the traffic is not moving at all. I think they are doing road construction and have halted traffic all together. You would know that it would be the exit right before I need to get off. Another amazing thing, I’m in the middle of I-4 between the Lake Mary and Heathrow exit and there’s a wireless computer network which is asking me for a password.

Not much happened today. Abby and Emily are not feeling well. Jennifer thinks it’s after effects from getting a little too much sun at the beach on Saturday. The didn’t get sunburned, but they are a little cranky.

I spent most of my day not sitting at my desk. We don’t have enough GameCube development kits to go around, so we have one at a common station that has to be shared by the people who aren’t lucky enough to have a dev kit at their desk. Ironically none of the lead programmers have GameCube dev kits.

Today’s picture is still from the beach.

House Cleaning Sunday

It was nice to finally have a day off from work. There was a lot of stuff to do around the house and Emily wasn’t feeling good because she is starting to get her two upper teeth. Because of this, me and Emily stayed home from church.

This week was Jennifer’s turn to teach Children’s Church. During the 11:00 worship, they have a little “children’s moment” for three year olds through first grade. After that is done, the kids go off to another building for “Children’s Church”. Jennifer volunteered to teach it once a month. She’s been scrounging for subjects to teach and finally went to a Christian bookstore the other day and picked up a Veggie Tales video to get some inspiration. I don’t really understand the fascination with animated vegetables. Maybe it’s because I’m not a real big vegetable eater. They watched a video about the “Good Samaritan” and then discussed what it meant to be one.

Meanwhile, I started laundry and cleaned up the laundry room. The top of the dryer had become a “catch all” for all kinds of Jennifer’s projects. That all got cleaned up and moved into the garage and I hung up a ironing board hanger so that the ironing board could be out of the way and not just leaning up against the wall.

After dinner we drove down to Baskin Robbins to get some ice cream because Abby said, “I ate all of my dinner so I need ice cream.” Afterwards we drove around Lake Mary. We’ve been up in the area for four months and I’m amazed how much I haven’t seen. It seems like day in and day out I’m just driving from work and to home and that is it. On the weekends, I’m just hanging around the house before it all starts back up on Monday. It was nice to drive around and see the area. Now that we are in Alpha, it might not be until July when I actually get to slow down and see the area.

Today’s picture is from yesterday’s trip to the beach. Abby playing in the sand.

Going to the Beach

This morning we went out and ate breakfast at the Peach Valley Cafe. It was pretty good and the girls did well. We usually cannot go out to restaurants because about five minutes after we sit down, the kids are squirming and cannot sit still. The cafe had colors to entertain Abby and a bead toy to entertain Emily. They actually sat and played while we ate our breakfast. There was a little bit of restlessness near the end, but overall the girls did a good job.

After breakfast, I was off to work while Jennifer, Abby, and Emily went to New Smyrna Beach. This was the first time Emily had been at the beach since she started walking. Both her and Abby liked playing in the waves and making sand castles. The water was too cold and Abby sent some of the time shivering on the beach blanket. Today’s picture is of Emily on the beach. There will be more beach photos for the next few days.

No News Friday

Nothing really happened today. Abby didn’t do anything to her sister that is news worthy. I worked a long day at work. Abby asked Jennifer if they could go on a bike ride today and Jennifer said “not today”. Abby’s response, “But, Mom, you need to practice.” They are going to the beach tomorrow morning with Leslie, Zach, and Nate Cowan. I’m going to have them take the camera so that they can get some pictures. Today’s picture is from yesterday’s trip to the park. Emily is thinking about going down the slide.

The Reign of Terror Continues

Abby’s reign of terror has continued today as she dump over the kitchen chair Emily was sitting in. Emily cried of several minutes and Abby got in a lot of trouble.

Earlier in the day it was much more peaceful while they were down at the park. Today’s picture is of both of them climbing on the jungle gym.