The Day Before

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been dreading for about a month now. I have to take Jennifer and the girls to the airport for their trip to Texas. They will be gone for three weeks. Although I hate to see them go, I know it’s for the best. This time of year I work so much that I was only seeing them for a couple of hours in the morning. This way they get to see their grandparents who don’t get to see them that much. I know that they will have a fun time and will miss me. I will miss them too.


Emily is getting so much more interactive. In the morning, when I get my socks out she runs off to go get my shoes. When Jennifer tells her to “go get her shoes” she runs off and goes and gets them. After they are on, she runs off and turns off the two televisions and heads out to the garage, ready to get into the car.