Emily Wins 9th Grade Citizenship Award

This past week Emily received an invitation to the senior graduation ceremony because she won an award. We couldn’t figure out what it could be and thought it weird that she would be attending the senior’s graduation. We found it today. She received the Citizenship Award. “In recognition of exemplary behavior and a positive attitude towards classmates, teachers, and the school community at Pace Brantley School.”

Happy 15th Birthday, Emily

Yesterday and today we celebrated Emily’s 15th birthday. Last night we went to eat pizza at Ragazzi’s in College Park. What we think is the best pizza in Orlando. Then we spent the evening over at Dave & Busters playing games. Between the five of us we earned enough tickets for Emily to get some nice headphones. At least we thought they were nice until we looked them up on Amazon and found out they were worth around $20.

Today we went out for breakfast and finished it off opening presents and having some cake at home. I can’t believe Emily is already 15 years old.