Texas Trip 2006, Day 1

Now that Head Coach is done, we’ve moved our annual trip back to Texas to the summer instead of around Christmas, like it usually is. Currently, we are in “the most inconsiderate town in America“, Mobile, Alabama. This time it hasn’t been as bad. I think the key is not to travel on the weekend. There’s a lot less activity on a weekday.

The drive wasn’t all that fun. Isabelle just doesn’t understand what is going on. She’s cranky and it’s hard for her to fall asleep in her car seat. Abby asks every few minutes if “we are there yet” and Emily isn’t much better with “We at Poppies?” The best one on the trip was Austin. He just sat under Emily and got hit on top of the head with plastic horses, cups, and shoes.

For dinner we tried out the Chuck E. Cheese which was down the street. We went a little on the early side and missed the crowd. Once again, I think it helped traveling on a weekday. Today’s picture is Emily standing in front of Chuck E. Cheese taken with my mobile phone.

Abby’s Pre-School Graduation

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks as we’ve been finishing up NFL Head Coach, but it’s out the door and I’m off of work for the next three weeks.

This past week was also that last week of school, which means that Abby has graduated from pre-school and is on her way to Kindergarten in a couple of months. Today’s picture is from Abby getting her pre-school diploma. They start the year pretty early: July 31st. Can’t believe she’s about to go to “big school” as we’ve been calling it.

This past week Isabelle has really started walking a lot more. She will randomly walk around the living room, but when she wants to really get around she still relies on the speed crawling.

One last thing I wanted to call out was my Xbox 360’s blog. While I was at work a lot, it got very lonely and started writing bad things about me in it’s blog. Now that I’m back, it’s pretty stoked that I’ve been playing a lot of NFS Most Wanted.

Crazy Neighbor Incident

It’s been a wild week. I’ve still been working hard and we are almost done with NFL Head Coach. On Tuesday, we had a wild event happen. We were awaken at 3:00 in the morning by our doorbell being rung. We looked outside and didn’t see anyone so we just figured it was some punk kids, so we went back to bed. We heard a loud bang and got up quickly to once again find no one at the front of our house. I then noticed that our recycle bins, which I had placed by the curb, were no longer there. I figured the bang I heard was the “punk kids” throwing them. Right as we were about to go to bed for a second time, we saw the neighbor from five houses down walking in the middle of the street with his shirt off. Jennifer called the Police and they shooed him back to his house. I went outside and found a recycle bin in our yard, but I don’t think it was ours because it didn’t have the same stuff in it. Also there was a strong smell of alcohol. That was when I saw a couple of wine bottles in our yard. With the Police here, we went back inside and went back to sleep. At 6:30 a.m. the girls were up and I was up making a bottle for Isabelle when the doorbell rang again. It was the neighbor who was wandering around last night. He said, “Do we have a problem?” and then accused us of breaking into his house. I said through the door that it wasn’t us and then he started yelling obstinacies at me. I held my ground while Jennifer once again called the Police. They arrived in a couple of minutes and arrested him. Once we went outside we saw the damage from the previous night. Apparently the big bang we heard was the guy taking the wine bottle and smashing it into the back of my car. He made a grapefruit sized dent in the back of the trunk and poured wine all over the car and our mailbox. The Police said that he would be held for a 72 hour psyche evaluation. Later we found out more about him. His brother lives on our block and the brother’s wife told us that he is schizophrenic and that he hadn’t been taking his medication. We took the Camry in to get an estimate on the damage: $1000. Jennifer and I went that day to the courthouse in order to get a restraining order so that if he ever showed up, we could just call the Police. It was turned down since I guess he didn’t do enough damage. So, according to the brother’s wife, he’s going to be locked away for several more weeks. Hopefully he will take his medication and we won’t ever see him again. We are still stunned that all of this happened and hope nothing happens when he gets out. I will keep everyone updated.

Smoking Stinks

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to write on Frenchville. We are still in our crunch time on NFL Head Coach and I haven’t even turned on my computer in 2 weeks. In an attempt to get something posted to Frenchville, I’m writing this at work, right before I leave.

Today Jennifer took all the girls down to the Outlet Mall in order to get out of the house and go do something. They also went to the giant McDonalds down on International Drive for lunch. Lately Abby has been noticing that some people smoke cigarettes. She asks us why and we tell her that it’s bad and we don’t know why people do it. Today Jennifer and the girls were getting ice cream and Jennifer told Abby to go outside while she paid. After a few seconds, Abby came back in holding her nose saying that people were outside smoking and that it stinks. Jennifer said it was pretty funny.

Isabelle is on the verge of walking. She can easily stand up in the middle of the room and take one step. Then, she switches to her preferred mode of transport: crawling. It probably doesn’t help that Abby picks her up and carries her around the house all the time. Why learn to walk when you have a big sister who can carry you around.