Baseball Day

Day off from work today as George was in town visiting. We didn’t do much. We scoured the Internet to find a minor league baseball game to go to. Unfortunately the Orlando minor league baseball team moved to Montgomery Alabama last year and they were renamed the “Biscuits“. All the other games were too far away. We thought about going to an Orlando Predators Arena Football game, but ironically, they were playing in Austin today.

Instead, we stayed home and played MVP Baseball all day. I finally hit my first home run. I really hope I had more time to play MVP more often, but work is currently cutting into all my free time right now. Perhaps in July once our busy time is over with. It’s a pretty addictive game.

The kids jumped around the house all day today. They were even more rambunctious since we had company. Today’s picture was taken while Emily was in the bath tub.