Water Day

Today was “water day” at Abby’s school. She got to go to school in her bathing suit. She said there was a water slide and a bounce house to jump in. Next week is Abby’s last week of pre-school. Next year we are going to be moving her to a school closer to us. She will also be going three days a week for 5 hours. She currently only goes two days a week of 3 hours.

George came by work and I showed him the current state of Madden. I left work early to show George the new house. We ordered in food and got caught up with his move closer into downtown Houston and other mutual friends from school. George and I usually play NCAA football or a baseball league computer game and pass the files back and forth. I felt like we needed to start up another one while he was here, but we just came to the realization that we are both way too busy now a days that we just don’t have time. Hopefully we can both settle down and get back to playing another league in the near future.

Today’s picture is from the Easter Egg Hunt a few months ago.

Working Thursday

Not much going on today. Jennifer has been cleaning the house in preparation of George visiting this weekend. He is our first house guest since we moved into the new house and we are trying to get all the things necessary for when you have a guest: mainly setting up the guest bathroom.