Emily’s 4th Birthday

Two weeks ago we celebrated Emily’s fourth birthday party at Pump It Up. It’s a warehouse type place which is filled with blow-up bounce houses. We thought this was appropriate since when Abby turned four we rented a bounce house for the back yard. Anyway, Emily had a couple of their friends from school show up and a lot more neighbors and friends from church. They had fun bouncing around for and hour and then having cake. Jennifer made a special horse cake just for Emily’s birthday.

Frenchville Back in Business

If you are reading this, then you are looking at the new Frenchville. It doesn’t look much different than the old Frenchville, but I’ve changed hosts. Back in December we had a lot of trouble with our old host and Frenchville was down for almost a week. This past week it went down again for a couple of days and that was the last straw. This past weekend I moved everything to Yahoo!, a much more reliable host than the small one we were using. So, everything should be back up and going. I will post about Emily’s birthday tomorrow.