Water Polo Senior Night

The last two games of the regular season for Abby’s water polo team were tonight and it was also Senior Night. It started off with a ceremony where Abby was congratulated by the principal of her school. The first game was against Bishop Moore where they eked out a win 9 to 8. Abby scored a goal. She lobbed it right over the goalie’s head. For the second game, they beat Lake Brantley 11-9. Abby said they hadn’t beat that team in four years. Poppy flew in to see Abby play water polo and was glad he came for such great games. Congratulations to Abby on a great season. I’m so proud of her.

New Soccer League


Soccer Winter 2014

While the rest of the United States is snowed in, it’s nice and sunny here in Florida. After two straight rain-outs, it was time for soccer once again. Emily started up a new soccer league this season. They ended up with a loss today, but it was a good game. This league is much more fast pace than The Y. It’s mixed with girls & boys playing on the same team. Emily’s team, the English Bulldogs, are an all-girl team. It was nice and sunny and a great time for soccer.

After soccer, Izzy went and sold Girl Scout cookies. I bought 3 more boxes having almost finished off the 5 others we bought.