Christmas Update

We had a nice Christmas this year. The first time in a long time we haven’t had to drive 1500 miles from Florida to Texas, which was nice. We spent Christmas Eve cleaning the house so that Jennifer’s parents and sister could come over and have dinner and open presents.

Then, in the morning we got up early, checked to see what Santa brought the girls and then crammed everyone into the Sequoia in order to drive to Lindale to see my side of the family. The trip is about four and a half hours and it’s funny how the girls can only last around three hours before they become restless. The “stop touching me” or similar statements start coming from the back seats.


Once there, we got to see how big my cousin’s little girl Addison has gotten. She’s now walking around quite good now and is very cute. We had another round of opening presents there and just sat around and visited the rest of the day.

In the morning, we went and visited my Mom’s father in Grand Saline. It was nice to see him again and I know he enjoys seeing the girls. After that, we headed back to Houston and spent the next day cleaning up the house from the party on Christmas Eve.

It was a whirlwind trip, but we enjoyed the company and thank everyone for the presents. I know the girls enjoyed it and I hope everyone had a safe and great Christmas.

Welcome Baby Boy Epperson

Just a few minutes ago Jennifer’s sister, Christina, and her husband, Mike, welcomed the latest addition to their family into the world. They are still debating the name, but he was 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 19″ long. Everyone is resting and doing well. Here’s hoping that their new bundle of joy doesn’t keep them up too much in the up coming days. Congratulations!

Swimming & Carpet Selection


The weekend went pretty quick here at the French household. On Saturday, we broke into two groups. Jennifer, Abby, and Isabelle went with Jennifer’s mom to pick out carpet and paint for the construction that’s going on at their house. The house is being repaired after roof damage from Hurricane Ike. The roof is being completely re-done and a lot of the sheet rock and carpet are being replaced inside the house.

While they were off doing that, Emily and myself went to a pool party for her “boyfriend”, Zachary. I was a little confused about having a pool party in December, until I found out it was at an indoor pool. Emily still being timid around water, I took my swimsuit with me just in case she chickened out, which she did. She and I kept to the shallow end, but she had a good time.

Sunday we went back to our new favorite breakfast spot, the Avalon Diner. We discovered this place when my parents were down. The only problem being that it’s all the way into Sugar Land, which means about a 20 minute drive.

Long Awaited Update


I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last updated. Since then a lot has happened. We had Halloween where Abby went as an Egyptian princess, Emily went as a cowgirl, and Izzy went as bumble bee. One of the neighborhood mothers had arranged a Halloween block party so we went to that for a while before making it about half way around the block doing some old fashioned door-to-door trick-or-treating. We both went out with the girls this time and just left a bowl of candy at the door.

Emily has started Girl Scouts and was officially added to a new Daisy troop. She received her sash and one of the following weekends went and helped put together food boxes for needy families for Thanksgiving.


Also in that past month, we now have an 8 year-old in Abby. Since we don’t know too many people yet, we just made it a family affair. Mom and Dad drove down from Shreveport, Jennifer’s parents and sister joined us at the Incredible Pizza Company for pizza and games. Can’t believe that Abby is already 8 years-old. One of Abby’s gifts was tickets to the Nutcracker here in Houston. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Abby, Jennifer, and Jennifer’s mom headed downtown and watched the ballet. Abby was looking quite the young lady in her new dress.

The following weekend was Thanksgiving and we had all of Jennifer’s family over for Turkey. Jennifer started the bird cooking in the morning and was ready by dinner time. Our dining room set is so stuffed into our rent house that we had to turn it length wise so that it was sticking out into the hall in order to get everyone around it. It was nice having everyone over. It’s one of the reasons we moved back to Texas so that we could get together with family more often.