Second Tooth Gone

Abby today lost her second baby tooth. It was the other lower tooth right next to the one she lost a few weeks ago. She was very excited and made sure to put it under her pillow. Last time the tooth fairy brought her $5 and I have a feeling that she will be bringing that much again. Abby told me it was loose and she just started wiggling and wiggling it until she just yanked it out. Of course all of this was going on while they were all in the car riding home.

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Today is Jennifer’s birthday and we spent it running around getting her presents and getting a cake. We started off the morning picking up a new bicycle from Target. Abby and Emily helped me pick it out. Abby said we needed to get a red one since that was Mom’s favorite color. We also got a baby seat for the back of the┬ábike for Isabelle. We picked up a cake and some flowers and then presented all of what we found to Jennifer when she came home from shopping with Isabelle.

Later that evening Jennifer and I went out to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and then went to see a movie. Jennifer got a free desert since it was her birthday. She chose a banana cream pie, which was very good.

Today’s picture if from when we went putt-putt golf on our recent Disney vacation.

Spider-Man 3

As part of our night out celebrating Jennifer’s birthday, we went to see Spider-Man 3. This time Peter Parker finds out more about the death of his uncle. It wasn’t the person he originally thought killed him. It is an escaped prisoner who falls into a particle accelerator and gets turned into a creature made of sand. Over the movie was okay. The first two were way better. They had three villains total in the movie, which just made the plot more complex than it needed to be. Same as my advice on Shrek: wouldn’t hurt to see Spider-Man 3 if you’ve seen the other two, but don’t make this one the first one you see.