The Constellation Daisy

abby_constalation This week’s Frenchville entry is brought to you by Abby. She had an assignment to create a constellation and come up with a story about the person who the constellation represented:

Long, long ago there was a beautiful girl named Daisy. She wore a ruby red dress. Pluto saw Daisy and fell in love with her. Pluto popped in front of Daisy and she jumped back.

“Do not be afraid,” said Pluto. “I want to take you to the Underworld.”

Daisy nodded a tiny bit.

Pluto walked by Daisy and said, “Okay, Let’s go!” And poof they were gone!

Meanwhile, Daisy’s mom was very mad that Pluto had taken Daisy to the Underworld, but she was the Goddess of Nature who made the Earth cold and the plants and trees die.

When Daisy saw the Underworld she was filled with awe.

Pluto said, “Yes. I know it is big.” Then a loud sound came on.

“What is that?” Daisy asked.

“That means something is going wrong on top of the Earth.” Daisy knew it was her mother. “We have to back up there.” And poof they were gone!

When they got up to the Earth, Daisy found her mother and she said, “STOP!!!” Then Earth was warm and the plants and the trees grew again.

Pluto asked, why she was doing this.

“She is my daughter!”

“Here she is. Now stop,” said Pluto, who left and said bye to Daisy. Then poof Pluto was gone.

Now Daisy is up in the night sky forever and ever.

Starting Up Soccer Again


After taking a year off, we’ve enrolled Emily back into soccer. She enjoyed it so much back when we were in Houston and she’s been asking for quite some time to get back into it. She just started three weeks ago and she’s already had three games. Although, they have a record of 0-2-1, they have potential and I think there has to be some weaker teams out there that they can take.


I can tell that Emily likes playing forward the best. As she says, she likes “kicking the ball”. I can also tell that she’s more aggressive than she was back in Kindergarten because she’s getting up where the ball is, where she used to hang back a little, shy to get into the mix or get hit by the ball.

This last game she was goalie for the first time and she did pretty well. I wasn’t so sure, but she tracked the ball well when they came near her. In total, she had 5 stops and threw the ball out better than any of the other girls. She said she enjoyed being the goalie, but I think in her heart she still enjoys playing forward.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, Day 2


The day started early with a trip over to the beach. The resort doesn’t border the beach, but they have what they call a Beach House. It’s a small property with a smaller pool and access to the beach. We went down early for a tour of the different creatures that inhabit the beach. The girls quickly lost interest and headed down to play in the waves.

After lunch, we headed over the pool area’s community room in order to make “vacation pillows”. The girls picked out two pieces of fabric and then cut some fringe along the sides and tied to together. They stuffed the pillow and closed up the forth side.


We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Where Abby had the quote of the day. They were getting ready to start “Pool-Side Karaoke” and she said, “When are they going to start singing so that we can judge them.” I’m already judging them by electing to participate in pool-side karaoke.

The evening was “Kids Night Out”. We took the girls back up to the community room where they had some pizza and then went out to the movies to see Nanny McPhee Returns. While they were out, we went out to eat at a local restaurant, CQ’s. Afterwards, we walked around the harbor before heading back to the resort to pick up the girls.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, Day 1

At the beginning of the year we decided to buy into the Disney Vacation Club. We only bought 100 points, which will allow us a long weekend a year at one of Disney’s resorts. We wanted our first taste of the Vacation Club to be something away from Florida, but within driving distance. So, we decided to make our first destination Hilton Head, South Carolina.

We woke up early and boarded Austin at the local kennel, getting there right as they opened at 8:00 a.m. and then we the road. The route was pretty simple: I-4 to I-95 out the north end of Florida and down the east coast of Georgia. The whole trip took us 4 1/2 hours. Not too bad.

We arrived and went to check out our room. While the girls played around the outside of the condo, Jennifer and I planned out the next four days from all the pamphlets the person at the front desk gave us.

Next, we spent the whole afternoon at the pool. It was a good sized pool with a slide the girls loved sliding down. The girls swam around while Jennifer found the bar and ordered a couple of margaritas for us and we just hung out at the pool relaxing.

It’s traditional that we eat pizza on Friday night. Looking around on the Internet, we couldn’t find a local joint that had good reviews. So, we headed to the Mellow Mushroom,which is a great pizza joint we know from Winter Park.

We ended the day with a campfire sing-a-long and marshmallow roast. The two sing-a-long leaders were dressed in 70’s style clothing and led us in various camping songs, which Jennifer seemed to know well from Girl Scout camping.