We Escaped The Playground

Our vacation escape room adventures continued today with a visit to The Playground. We joined up with a family of seven from North Carolina in order to get all of our grades so that we could make it to the dodge ball tournament on time. There was so many people in the room, it helped to break up into groups and solve multiple puzzles at the same time. We finished with five minutes to spare.

Abby Lands in London

For Abby’s first semester at Florida State, she is studying abroad in London, England. What a great opportunity for her to learn a whole new culture without having to learn a foreign language. I haven’t been this nervous since we put Abby on the school bus for her first day of kindergarten.

She flew out last night and then landed at 2:00 a.m. EST, or 7:00 a.m. London time. She made her way through customs and then to the Florida State study center where she will be staying.

She said she’s loving her flat and getting to know her flatmates. So far, so good to her 3 month adventure in London, England. She starts school on Monday.

We Didn’t Escape Prison

Abby had a day off from being a lifeguard down at the Oviedo pool, so we decided to spend that time in prison, an escape room prison that is. It was a challenge for six people, but the other two people didn’t show up, so we tackled it on our own. We also found out that it’s their toughest room, but we felt we were up for the challenge.

We started out in two separate cells and had to work together in order to get a key to our jail cells. One was a magnetic maze that me and Izzy could see and had to convey the direction Abby and Emily had to go on the other size in their cell. Once out, we had to figure out a few more puzzles to get through some doors. There were colored pipes and we had to look through them at hash marks on the wall in order to tell the combination to a lock. Then, we had to key in some switches to some tic-tac-toe puzzles that were around the room. A few more puzzles later and we slid down into our final room. With only ten minutes left, we didn’t have enough time to finish. We had two puzzles left when time was up.

It was a trough room, but we had fun. I thought we did a good job for down two people and it being their toughest room.