Lazy Sunday

We didn’t do much today. I had the day off from work and I stayed home with the girls while Jennifer went to teach children’s church. We did laundry and just hung around the house.

Today’s picture is from our trip to the Fun Spot. Emily couldn’t ride any of the rides as you can see from the sign over her shoulder.

Going to the “Chapel”

The day Jennifer and her parents have been dreading for a while happened today. Jeffrey, Jennifer’s brother, got married. The problem is that they don’t particularly like Jeffrey’s new bride’s religion. She’s a member of the Jehovah Witness and she dragged Jeff into her religion as well. Jennifer and her parents don’t share their beliefs and feel that the Jehovah Witness is a cult. It took quite a lot of courage for Jennifer’s parents and sister, Christina, to put that aside and go to the wedding today. Jennifer reported that everything went “okay”, but Jennifer’s parents said that they felt that they were being watched the entire time. The other strange thing was that there were around a hundred people at the wedding. Besides themselves and Jennifer’s sister, they only knew two other people. Who were all the other people. Queue Twilight Zone music.

Today’s picture is the last picture I have with the whole Musselman family from February 2003 when we were leaving Texas and driving to Florida right after Emily was born.