One Chair Arrives

Nana and Poppy sent the girls chairs for their play room. One of them fully arrived today. We received the cushions yesterday and then received Abby’s chair cover today along with the cushions for Emily’s chair. They had fun sitting the new chair, as evident in today’s picture.

Today Emily fell off of a bench at church and got a big bump on her head. She shook it off and is running around okay.

Also today some of the neighborhood kids came around to play with Abby. Jennifer got to meet some of our neighbors including the ones that just moved in across the street.

Not a Good Listener

Abby is showing more and more signs of understanding consequences of her actions. This morning while driving her to school, she mentioned to me that she “isn’t a good listener”. Yesterday, while Jennifer was taking the girls for a bike ride, Abby decided to take off her helmet and stand up in the buggy. Abby told me that she got in trouble and that they had to go straight home. She was sad because sometime she isn’t a good listener. I told her that when Mom tells her to do something she should do it because we don’t want her to get hurt. I think she’s starting to understand.

We had been waiting until the bonus came in to start pest control on the house. Today the pest control company that serviced the people who lived in the house before us showed up at the door. Jennifer figured, “perfect timing”, so we went ahead and went with them. The were giving us a deal for transferring the termite bond from the previous owners.

Another late night at work as we start preparing for E3.