Jennifer and Abby spent the afternoon carving our two big pumpkins that we got the other day. Jennifer looked up some face templates on the Internet and carved out some great looking pumpkins. Abby was so excited that it was Halloween that she was bouncing off the walls.

Once it got dark, Abby and Emily donned their Rose and Mermaid Princess costumes. We were out about thirty minutes and got half way down our street before I started hearing “I’m tired”, “I’m sweaty”, and “my wings hurt”. Ah, the life of a Rose Princess.

Busy Saturday

Today was a busy day. First, we went to a Fall Festival at church. It’s a fund raiser for their pre-school, which is the school that Abby went to last year. There were hay rides, jump houses, games, and face painters. Everyone was amazed that Emily would go up and down this giant blow-up slide by herself. She loved it and kept sliding down over and over again. As the picture to the right shows, Emily got very contemplative during the hay ride.

Later, we had a baby sitter come over to watch the kids while Jennifer and I went to see a musical, Miss Saigon. It was really good, especially when you have second row seats. I originally saw Miss Saigon on a trip to New York thirteen years ago. Back then I saw it from the second row from the back of the balcony. Makes quite a difference being that close.

This was the first time we had a baby sitter come in and watch both girls since we moved into our house. It’s nice to have a regular baby sitter and we hope to use her more so that we can go out occasionally.

Finally, the Texas Longhorns crushed the Colorado Buffalo 31 to 7. It wasn’t looking too good during the first quarter after Vince Young threw two interceptions. Colorado was actually winning 7-0 after the first quarter. It was good that Vince didn’t panic. He brushed himself off and had two very good solid drives which started the steamroller which ran all over Colorado.

Tiburon Trick-or-Treat

I moved to a new desk at work which is near a window. It’s amazing how much of a difference that makes. They always keep it very dark at Tiburon and I’ve always complained that it’s like working in a cave. I’m hoping that when we move to our new building soon that everything is more open and has more natural light.

The kids came up to Tiburon to Trick-or-Treat today. The Rose and Mermaid Princess made their grand entrance and wandered up and down the halls in search of candy. Abby would say “Trick-or-Treat” and Emily would do the waving goodbye. They were pretty cute and hauled out a ton of candy.

Today’s picture is of Cinderella’s Castle when we went to Disney World for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Cotton Candy

It’s been a pretty normal week and not much to talk about. A typical week consists of constantly cleaning the girls’ play room as seen in this picture. Jennifer says that it seems like she’s cleaning it constantly all day.

Yesterday the girls had a Halloween party at church that they went to. Jennifer said that Abby finally got to have cotton candy. Last 4th of July I promised Abby some, but the place we went to watch fireworks at didn’t have any. All the sugar propelled Abby to the bounce house that was there. It had a giant plastic slide and Abby was jumping straight into the air and roll all the way down.

We continued our losing streak in softball yesterday, with a record of 0-6. We were winning 8-1 after the first inning and we were starting to think if the Boston Red Sox could break their curse, then perhaps we could break ours. We got too confident and we couldn’t recreate the bats of the first inning as we lost 16-9. I actually batted really well: 3-4 with 2 runs and 1 RBI and fielding was good in spite of the infield being as hard a concrete. Maybe next week. At this point I just want us to win one game.

The Parade of Princesses

Today there was a big costume parade at Abby’s school. All the kids wore their Halloween costumes and then they put on a little program with some singing. Can you spot the Rose Princess? It’s pretty tough as Jennifer said that pretty much every little girl at Abby’s school was a princess of some sort.

Block Party

Today the neighborhood had a block party. Jennifer spent all morning making cup cakes with Abby helping out for Halloween sprinkles on top of the cup cakes, or as she calls them “pup cakes”. It was nice meeting some of our other neighbors, but we pretty much hung out with all the neighbors that we already knew. A fire truck from the local fire station arrived and Abby got to climb through and sit in the driver’s seat.

Today’s picture is another one from The Picture People. This time it’s the Mermaid Princess sitting alone.

Looking for a New Camera

Today was a normal Saturday where we try and clean the house and do laundry. I went up to the RDV Sportsplex and joined as part of Tiburon’s corporate membership.

We all went to Best Buy to look for a new digital camera. Our current camera hasn’t been fairing too well. The screen on the back of the camera has stopped working. One of the reasons there wasn’t too many pictures from our trip to the zoo last week was because the camera ran out of batteries. The low battery power indicator is on the screen, so we couldn’t tell it was almost out of power. There wasn’t a camera there that I liked so we’ve decided to wait a little bit. At least our current camera still takes pictures.

Tonight I watched the Longhorns roll all over the Texas Tech Red Raiders 51 – 21. They looked more improved tonight. Vince Young had some good passes down field, which seemed make their offense look a lot less one dimensional.

The Rose and Mermaid Princesses

Well, my Astros were not successful at making it to the World Series. They put up a great fight and once again I’m watching the NLCS go to a game seven where the Astros were not successful. The last time was in 1986 against the Mets. Hopefully they will be able to retain Beltran and Clemens and try at again next year.

A couple of days ago the girls went to The Picture People and had their picture taken in the Halloween costumes. Today’s picture is of the Rose Princess and the Mermaid Princess together.

We’ve had a couple of problems with Emily taking off her clothes after she goes to bed. We go into the girls’ rooms to check on them when we go to bed and the last couple of days we’ve discovered Emily buck naked, cold butt up in the air. Well, we had the same problem with Abby when she was Emily’s age. The solution: put some tape over the weak Velcro tabs on her diaper so that it’s tougher for her to open up her diaper.

Another Softball Loss

Frenchville was down a couple of days ago as I moved the web site to a new host. Our last host was $19.95/month for only 100 MB of web space. I was having to delete some of the old pages because I was going over the drive space limit. The new host, VizaWeb, was only $5.95/month for 1 GB of web space. It wasn’t too hard of a choice. Ten times the web space for $14 less per month. I think I’ll go with that one. We should have plenty of more room for growth.

Today was a big softball game against the other team from where I work. There’s actually two softball teams: Tiburon and EA Sports. I’m on the Tiburon team. So, you can image the trash talking that was going on before the game. Well, unfortunately, we lost 15-11. I had some pretty good fielding as several balls were hit my direction. My batting wasn’t that great. I went 1-3, two fly outs. The last hit was an error on the first baseman, my former boss, the Development Director on Madden. I popped it up again, but he wasn’t able to make the catch.

Today’s picture is of Jennifer and Emily at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.