Alone with the Kids

Abby and Emily are still alive. Everything went quite smoothly watching the kids all by myself. But we didn’t just stay at home. No, that would make the day quite easy. We went shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for Jennifer. That was quite an adventure. We took the double stroller up to the mall and we were off and running. I’ve found as long as you can keep them distracted with food and drink, they will stay in the stroller, but once they are done or if you stop at any time, they start getting restless and then it’s time to go. This particular mall has a merry-go-round in it and so, of coarse, we had to ride the horses. We stopped for a cookie which just ended up as a mess by the time we were done.

On the way out, I bought the movie School of Rock. I’m a Jack Black fan and Tom, from work, suggested that if I’m “such a fan”, I should just buy the movie instead of waiting until it’s available to rent from work. It was quite a cute movie and JB was quite good in it. I definitely recommend it.

Emily has started doing something that Abby always did at her age. If the refrigerator door opens, Emily is instantly under your feet sitting on the little area at the bottom of the fridge. This is depicted in today’s picture.