New Tiburon Office & Microsoft Calls It Quits

Today it was released in the local Orlando Sentinel that Electronic ArtsTiburon is being wooed by the city of Orlando to build our new building downtown.

It was also announced today that Microsoft has decided to cancel its next iteration of sports games. This is good news for EA, since that will undoubtedly increase our market share on the XBox since we won’t have competition for their sports titles.

And the winner is…

Madden NFL 2004 has won The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ Computer Sports Game of the Year. This is the second year that we’ve won. It’s a little sweeter this year since I was the lead programmer. There’s not too many other games in this category since PC sports games are on the decline. However, it is still an honor to win. We wouldn’t have gotten this recoginition without the help of the Madden Console team. We also wouldn’t have won without the hard work of the two other main guys working on Madden PC: Tim Cowan and Tim Spangler. Both of these guys poured their heart and soul and really believed in the PC product and bringing the console expereince to the PC.

Mickey’s Water

One of the nice things about living in Central Florida is if you feel like it, you can pack up the kids in the car and head to one of many water parks in Orlando. We decided to visit Disney’s Blizzard Beach (a.k.a. “Mickey’s Water” to Abby). They had a fun time, but even though it had been in the 80’s all week long here in Florida, it was still too cold for Abby.