Back to Work

Back to work for me and back to school for Abby. I had mountains and mountains of e-mail to sort through today. In fact, eight hours wasn’t enough, so I headed back up to work after dinner in the hopes of getting all my e-mail sorted out. It only took another four hours, but I did get through all of it.

The girls didn’t do much today after Abby got out of school. They went and got the Sequoia washed at the car wash. Jennifer said that there was actually a lot of people there and it took over an hour to get the car washed.

Today’s picture is from Easter morning. Emily found an egg, but she’s still gripping the Dora video she got from the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny Arrives

We were awaken early this morning to Abby’s exclamations that the Easter Bunny had arrived. They opened up their Easter baskets which were full of candy and presents. They each got a video: Emily received a Dora the Explorer video and Abby received Shark Tale. Once their baskets were open they ran around the house collecting eggs which the Easter Bunny had hidden. Emily was more interested in opening up and watching the Dora video than looking for eggs.

Afterwards, we went to church and I snapped today’s picture once we got home of the girls in their Easter dresses. After lunch Emily and Jennifer took a nap while Abby and I watched Shark Tale. It was better than Robots, but I still don’t think it’s up to Shrek quality.

For dinner we had a big meal with ham, mashed potatoes, and an apple pie for desert. We ate at our new dining room table for the first time in order to break it in. Hope everyone out there had a nice and safe Easter Sunday.

One last milestone today. This marks around a year since I created Previously it was called the French Family Web site and didn’t have it’s own domain. It was this time that I started doing regular blog entries. Here’s to many more years of blogging about the happenings of our family.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the big Easter egg hunt up at church. This is actually our third time we’ve attended the event over our time here. How time passes so fast. The first year Emily was just a baby sitting on the picnic blanket. Last year she was just wandering around barely understanding what was going on. This year Emily was a pro. She was raring to go out and get eggs. As they have in previous years, they had a couple of bounce houses and horses for the kids to ride. Abby and Emily did both. We were quite impressed with Emily wanting to ride the horse. She wasn’t sure at first, but once she saw the other kids riding, she was up for it and giggled the entire time.

Bambi and the Park

Today we went to breakfast at Peach Valley Cafe, which is usually our Saturday breakfast spot, but we decided to get out this morning since we are going to an Easter egg hunt tomorrow. Afterwards he headed to the park to let the girls play around for a while. Today’s picture is from a couple of days ago when we visited the park.

This afternoon I went in for a dentist appointment to get a few fillings patched up. If you haven’t noticed, we tried to get a lot of our appointments out of the way this week since I’m was off from work. An Easter present arrived for the girls from Nana and Poppy. They sent some clothes and the Disney movie Bambi. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon watching their new DVD.

Shopping at the Mall

Today was just a trip to the mall and then an excursion to Chuck E Cheese. At the mall, Jennifer got a new iron work to go over the new china hutch kind of like the plaques that hang in our living room (you can see them in the video). I picked up the next book I’m going to be reading, The Mythical Man-Month. It’s about how adding software engineers to a project doesn’t always improve efficiency, in fact it can sometime make it worse. For me, the book is kind of topical.

Today’s picture is actually a video. Emily is dancing to “Livin’ La Vida Loca” at the end of Shrek 2. At first she doesn’t know I’m filming her and then she turns around and says, “cheese”, but continues to dance. Notice at the end of the song how all the characters at the end of the video freeze and she does the same. I only recommend watching the video if you have a high speed connection. It’s a 12 MB download.

It’s a Girl? Part II

Yesterday we went back for our second ultrasound appointment and they still couldn’t tell if the new baby is a boy or a girl. However, they are still leaning towards girl. Jennifer doesn’t know if we are going to have any more ultrasound appointments, so it might just have to be a surprise when the baby’s birth day rolls around. We are currently going under the assumption that it’s a girl so that if it’s a boy we will be all surprised and happy, but if it’s a girl, we will not be disappointed because that’s what we were expecting.

After the appointment we drove down to South Orlando in order to go to a huge McDonald’s which is down near Universal Studios. This McDonald’s has a few unique features in that it has want it calls McBistro. It serves sandwiches, pasta, and pizzas that looked to be at a higher quality than the usual McDonald’s selection. The main reason we were there was because it has an arcade and a gigantic play gym. The girls ran wild for about a half an hour, which was great, and fun was had by all.

Today Abby and I went to see Robots at the movie theater. Abby liked it and said her favorite part was where the robots were fighting at the end of the movie. I on the other hand didn’t think it was all that great. The story was pretty simple and I really didn’t think it was all that funny. Maybe I’m spoiled by Shrek. But, hey, Abby liked it and that’s all that really matters.

Emily’s Potty Training

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back and should have pretty consistent entries for at least the next week. The reason being: I’m on vacation. I started my “Spring Break” today and won’t be back to work until a week from Monday. It’s nice to finally have some time off.

A couple of things have happened since the last entry. The dining room furniture that was Jennifer’s Christmas gift finally arrived. The furniture really looks great and it’s finally nice to have a dining room with furniture in it. I’ve always been embarrassed when I invite people over to our house and we don’t have anything in our dining room. The other event that happened this week is that we finally had the interior of the house painted. The painters have been working on it over the last few days and they finished up today. Jennifer did an excellent job picking out colors. Our bathroom looks about a billion times better than the pealing wallpaper that used to be in there. I made the comment to Jennifer that our house is starting to look like a “model home”. She really liked hearing that.

Because this was my first day of vacation, Jennifer thought it would be a good day to start potty training Emily. She’s been showing signs of wanting to sit on the potty, but we had a hard time getting Abby started, so we didn’t want to push her. After all, it is only two months after her two year birthday. Jennifer put panties on Emily and then promptly left me alone with her. I asked Emily every five minutes if she needed to go tinkle on the potty and even forced her to go sit on the potty, but no tinkle. Well, after two pairs of panties, two pairs of pants, and many paper towels later, I gave up and put a diaper on her. Fortunately later on in the day she did actually tinkle on the potty, which was a good sign. Just don’t leave me alone with her with nothing but thin cotton between her butt and the ground.

Today’s picture is from last week when we went to the park.

Emily’s First Haircut

Today I had a hard time rolling out of bed and decided that I would stay home and spend some time with Jennifer and the girls to make up for working all weekend. At first Jennifer was confused because she couldn’t believe I was actually staying home from work.

It was a good thing I did, because I would have missed Emily’s first haircut. We found a haircut place in the mall and Abby got her hair trimmed first in order to show her little sister how it was done. After that it was Emily’s turn and it didn’t look like it was going to be easy. The only way we could get her to calm down enough to cut her hair was to have Jennifer sit down in the chair first and have Emily sit in her lap. She was a trooper and now she looks a lot better without hair flying everywhere.

Next, we went shopping at Target. While we were there, Jennifer bought Emily her first panties. We will be starting her potty training real soon. We’ve gotten her to tinkle on the potty a couple of times, but she doesn’t quite understand that you are supposed to tinkle exclusively on the potty. We got her Dora the Explorer panties as a reward if she successfully tinkles on the potty.

Finally, this afternoon we went down to the park in order to run some energy out of the girls. They had a fun time and I brought the camera with me and I will be posting some of these pictures this week.