MLK Day Parade

8402883840_118e78df2f_oToday Izzy participated in the Oviedo MLK Day Parade along side her other Girl Scouts. The parade started at Oviedo High School and went all the way down Broadway and ended in Round Lake Park. It was a 1.5 mile trek. She rode her scooter and dawned a helmet to protect her cute head. She also had butterscotch candies to throw at the kids along the parade route. She had a ton of fun.

Emily’s 10th Birthday

8362221618_962a96ecb6_oToday Emily turned 10 years old. We spent the day doing what she wanted to do: we went to see the movie The Rise of the Guardians, which they all liked; we ate at Five Guys Hamburgers; and finished it all off with cake at home. She’s going to have a slumber party with some of her friends in a few weeks to celebrate with them.

Feeding the Ducks

8350323539_d326de3c76_oWe spent the afternoon at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando feeding the swans and ducks. We took some old bread and broke it up, and fed it to the animals. Emily and Izzy had fun throwing the bread and seeing the birds catch it in the air. Once the bread was gone, we spent the rest of the afternoon on the playground.