Horseback Riding

The girls’ friend, Leila, had a birthday part today and it was horseback riding. The girls were so excited and it was all they could talk about all weekend. Even though it was in the mid-90’s and hot outside, the girls had a lot of fun. They would have been exhausted if the goodie bags weren’t filled with candy and I was scraping them off the walls in the evening.

There’s Something in my Mouth

The Tooth Fairy visited Izzy last night. She said she reached up to her face and felt something in her mouth. She pulled it out and noticed it was her tooth. It was so ready to come out, you could see the other tooth coming in right behind it. Fortunately the Tooth Fairy was able to scrounge up $5. Inflation has affected Tooth Fairy land, too. I don’t remember getting that much. :-/