Burnout Revenge (Xbox 360)

I picked up Burnout Revenge for my Xbox 360 today from the company store. It’s a racing game from the Criterion studios in the UK. What makes this game different is part of the object of this game is to cause the other racers in the match to crash. There’s also stages in the game where you intentionally create a huge car pileup for points. It’s pretty fun so far and I like how you can get in and play a race real quick.

Black (PS2)

I finished Black for the PS2 today. I have to say that it was one of the most frustrating games I’ve played in a while. The design decision to not allow you to save the game any where you want just doesn’t make any sense. As a father of three daughters, I just don’t have time to sit down and play a level over and over again. Also, you cannot skip the cut scenes even if you’ve seen them before. Why make someone sit and watch something they’ve seen? Anyway, I would say only if you are a hard core first person shooter fan, do you check this game out. The environments are nice and it’s amazing how you can pretty much destroy everything on the map.

Doctor visit

Today was doctor day for Abby and Emily. They had to get all their shot records in order before heading off to school. Believe it or not, it’s only six weeks away before Abby and Emily head back to school.

Today’s picutre is another one of Abby and Emily helping Isabelle open her birthday presents.

NFL Head Coach Released

Today was the big day. NFL Head Coach was released to the public. It’s now available in stores, so go out and buy a copy. We got our copies of the game and took a team photo. I’ll be updating my site for the game soon with up to date screen shots and information about the features in the game.

I’ve been playing softball again. Unfortunately because Head Coach has been Finaling, I missed a few games. Also, our team isn’t doing all that great. We lost again tonight making us 0-5. Because I’ve missed most of the games, I only got to play the last half of the game. I went 0-1 with a fly out to left center field. I made one play hit to me at second base.

Today’s picture is from Isabelle’s party back in Lindale, Texas. She was getting help opening her parents from Abby and Emily.

Back To Work

It’s been three weeks and I’m back to work today. It was just a day of catching up on all the stuff that went on while I was gone. In fact, the rest of the week is probably going to be catching up and getting the new project I’m working on heading in the right direction.

Today’s picture is of my parents with the girls while we were visiting my grandparents in Lindale, Texas.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. I received French Toast for breakfast from my family today. My present was a framed picture from the Rose Bowl which included one of our tickets. It’s great and when I finally have an office up at work, I’m going to take it up to work and hang it up there. We didn’t do much today. We just hung around the house and rested.

Tonight an NFL Head Coach commercial ad played during the NBA Finals. If you missed it, you can see it at this link on YouTube.

Today’s picture is back from Isabelle’s party. She finished her cupcake with some icing on her nose.

eBay Phishing

We were checking on our stuff that we were selling on eBay and all of a sudden noticed that more stuff was being sold by us. We think Jennifer clicked on a link from a phishing e-mail which fed her eBay password, which was stored in a cookie, to that web site. Jennifer knew it was a phishing e-mail and didn’t do anything, but she did click on the link, which was going straight to a specific IP address. Anyway, we sat there and watched as up to 50 items started being added to our account. Jennifer changed her password immediately and then contacted eBay. What’s weird about eBay is that they don’t have phone customer service. You have to get into a chat room and chat with a customer service representative. They asked her a few questions and then removed the extra items. So, don’t ever click on a link that’s in an e-mail from someone you don’t know. Another precaution would be not to click on the checkbox that stores your password on your computer.

Today’s picture is from our trip. It’s Isabelle and my mom posing on the couch. Isabelle’s favorite place to be was on Nana’s couch. She liked hiding under the pillows.


Abby, Emily, and I went to see the new Pixar movie, Cars, at the theater. The movie is about a car, Lightning McQueen, who gets stuck in a forgotten town on Route 66. The new interstate bypasses the once happening town and Lightning damages the road and is sentenced to fix the road. He has to hurry to Los Angeles for a race in order to win the Piston Cup. It was a pretty cute movie and both Abby and Emily enjoyed it. Abby’s favorite part was the race at the end and the way Lightning always said “Ka-chow!”

A Day of Rest and Cleaning

We spent the day recovering and cleaning up from our Texas Trip. Jennifer vacuumed out and cleaned the inside of the Sequoia. With the girls in the back and four days of being inside the truck, you would be amazed at how dirty it got. I mowed the lawn, which had grown up to a foot in a few places in the back yard, and did all the laundry from our trip. We also had several things (dishes, PDA, and mobile phone) which we needed to get up on eBay, so we did that as well. Later in the afternoon, Jennifer’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audio book was available at the library so we went and picked it up while Abby went swimming at a neighbor’s house.

Today’s picture is from our trip. Isabelle is laying on the floor enjoying a magazine at Nana and Poppy’s house.

Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

I just finished the fourth book of the Dark Tower series, Wizard and Glass, by Stephen King. I’m not so sure about the decision to make it a flash back. I kept thinking that it was going to go back to the regular story. Once I got about three quarters through the book, I realized that the whole book was going to be in Roland’s past. However, now that I’m done with the book, I think it was a necessary diversion. It fills in some of the holes in Roland’s character and sets a purpose behind his quest for The Dark Tower.