Happy Fun Spot

Today Tiburon organized a Madden celebration party at Fun Spot. Jennifer and the kids picked me up from work and then we drove down there as a family. Abby rode various kids rides. She also got to ride with me and Jennifer on the go carts. We had pizza and after dinner played games to win tickets. It was nice to get away from work and visit with the family. It was also nice to come home at a decent hour and go to bed. The next couple of days will feature pictures from today.

Bug Catcher

This is the last week of school for Abby. Today they gave gifts to all the students. Abby got a Bug Catcher kit: a clear box with some plastic tweezers and a bug net. She spent the afternoon in the driveway hunting for bugs. She caught an ant.

Abby spent the evening swimming at one of our neighbors. Jennifer said she passed out when she got home. She said that we will need to borrow the neighbor’s pool more often (until we can afford our own pool).

Today’s picture is Emily playing with her dolls. Note the two big front two teeth.