Tiny Bladders Make For a Long Trip


The second part of the big move back to Texas is underway. The first part was me going ahead and moving to Houston to start a new job at TimeGate Studios. That was back in February. Now, four months later, we are driving once again from Florida to Houston. This time as a whole family. Tonight we are in Mobile, Alabama. Now that school is over, we’ve decided to get back together as a family. We are going to be living with Jennifer’s parents until the house sells in Orlando.

Jennifer spent most of the week packing up. On Wednesday, she went and got our camper out of storage and took it by the mechanics to get it checked out and see if it was in good enough condition to get dragged all the way to Houston. They serviced the wheels and it all checked out. Thursday was spent packing up clothes and putting them into the camper.

I flew in last night and Jennifer and the girls picked me up at the airport. This morning, we finished cleaning up the house and packing the rest of the stuff we figured we needed. We pulled out of the driveway at 11:00 this morning and headed out. We said “bye” to the house. It would be the last time the girls saw the house.

We arrived at our hotel in Mobile, Alabama around 6:30. It was an uneventful, long drive. We had to fill up the truck three times at $75 each. This was the first time we made the trip since Isabelle was potty trained. Every hour or so, we would hear a “I need to tinkle” from the back seat and we would either search out the nearest gas station or rest stop. We felt we would never make it. Izzy didn’t make it to the potty on our last stop at gas. I went to get her out of the car so she could run in and tinkle and it turned out she had already done it in her pants. She said, “I sorry, Daddy.”

Price Reduction


On Thursday we gave in to the request from our Realtor to drop the price of our house. Another house around the corner from us, which is just like ours, but with a pool, was now just $25,000 more than us. They felt we should drop our price by another $25,000 in order to stay comparable with the other house prices in the neighborhood. We agreed to drop our price by $20,000. Every price drop means less house we can buy in Houston, so we are trying to keep hold of every penny. We hoped this would peak more interest in the house this weekend, but I guess it was too soon to expect a flood of people. We didn’t have any showings this weekend.

On Friday, Jennifer was very brave and took all three girls out to our favorite date restaurant: The Melting Pot. I can’t believe she went there with the three of them all on her own, but she said it was a success. They went early so to avoid a big crowd. They had a full four course meal and Jennifer reported that they all behaved themselves very well. Emily enjoyed it so much, she told Jennifer that she would “love her forever” and she gave her a big hug.