Abby Turns Nine


This week saw a pretty big milestone. Jennifer and I are now the parents of a nine-year-old. We can’t believe that it’s happening so fast. I’ve been working late this week on Madden Ultimate Team, so I wasn’t there when she opened most of her presents. She received another gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, a charm bracelet and a lot of money (around $50). She’s already busy deciding what she wants to buy. This morning we finally gave her the present from myself and Jennifer: a Nintendo DS-Lite and several EA games (Littlest Pet Shop, Charm Girls Club, and Harry Potter). Games I really know nothing about, but thought she would like. She was very happy and we both got a big hug.


We really didn’t have a party this week because in a few weeks Abby is going to have a slumber party. She’s going to invite 9 girls over for a sleep over in a few weeks. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to postpone it a few weeks.

Also this week we were treated to a Thanksgiving musical program at Izzy’s pre-school. They sang a few songs and then we had a giant pot luck Thanksgiving lunch. It’s been a while since we’ve had a musical program since Izzy didn’t really didn’t attend pre-school last year. She was cute as always.