Executive Review

It appears that Isabelle has picked up a runny nose from Emily, so we may have a couple of rough nights ahead of us.

We had our Executive Review of Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360 today. It sounds like it went well, which is a relief. We are now two weeks from going “Alpha”, which is our main bug fixing mode. This is technically when we are supposed to be feature complete and we are only working on fixing bugs, but there’s going to be many features that aren’t quite done yet and so the first three weeks of Alpha may still be feature work for some folks.

Today’s picture is from when my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago when Isabelle was born.

2 Feet 3 Inches

Today I went and registered Abby for Pre-Kindergarten. In Florida they started a new program this year where the state will fund your child;s daycare if they are 4 years old and would be going into Kindergarten the following year.

Today our play gym was “unapproved” by our homeowner’s association. Our neighbor has threatened to sue the homeowner’s association so they are scrutinizing our application. We had the height listed as “9+ feet” because there is no height requirement in the bi-laws. So, they are saying we were only approved for a play gym which is nine feet tall. We’ve resubmitted our application for approval with the height listed as “11 feet 3 inches”. If it’s not re-approved, we might have to talk to an attorney to find out what our options are. I can’t believe that they are being so petty over 2 feet 3 inches. The ones that are suffering are Abby and Emily. I hope our neighbors are happy that they are making our lives miserable. I wonder if they want to explain to Abby and Emily why they can’t have their play gym.