Check Up

Today Abby and Emily went to the doctor to get their check up before starting pre-school. They are both in perfect health. Abby is tall for her age and Emily is short. They both had fun getting their blood pressure checked because they had seen Jennifer get that done in all of her baby doctor appointments recently.

Abby has been trying to help out with Isabelle when she can. Today, Isabelle was crying and Abby offered to hold her. So, she sat down in a chair and I handed her Isabelle. She was doing a pretty good job comforting her, but after five minutes she was clamoring for me to come and get her. Hey, at least she’s trying.

Meanwhile Emily is getting more and more like a two year old every day. Lately she’s been collapsing into a crying puddle on the floor if she doesn’t get her way. It can be as simple as she wants more milk and isn’t willing to go into the play room to find her cup.