Homeward Bound

Last night Nana and Poppy brought Emily and Abby up to meet their new sister. Abby was very interested in taking care of the baby, but Emily could really care less. She was more interested in jumping on the bed.

You can tell Isabelle has her days and nights mixed up. She’s doing a lot of sleeping during the day and then she’s up looking around at night. Last night I did a lot of walking around to comfort her while Jennifer tried to get some sleep. We had a horrible night last night, but not because of Isabelle. The walls in the hospital were very thin and between the new parents next door with the baby that cried every fifteen minutes and the guy on the other side of us that was snoring, we got no sleep. Isabelle was great. Our neighbors were horrible.

We kept insisting to the nurses and doctors that we were leaving today. With Emily we were in the hospital for four days and with Isabelle, it was only one day. Almost exactly 24 hours since she was born and we were headed home.

Meanwhile at home Nana and Poppy have been taking care of Abby and Emily. They went to the store and bought a Slip and Slide. They had fun getting all wet in the back yard. They’ve been doing a lot of swinging on the new play gym as well. Today we decided to switch bicycles between the girls. Emily’s legs have been too small to reach the tricycle’s pedals, so Abby took Emily’s big tricycle and Emily started using Abby’s bike. Emily took to the bike like a fish to water. She was pedaling down the street like a pro. The only problem was that she didn’t like wearing her bicycle helmet.