Shark Girl & Lava Girl

It was another rough night last night. I was up several times and ended up rocking Isabelle for about an hour trying to get her to go to sleep. Then, I was up at 6:00 when Isabelle’s crying woke Abby and Emily up. So, not much sleep is happening in Frenchville.

This morning we packed up the whole group and headed to Peach Valley Café in order to show Nana and Poppy where we each every Saturday morning, since they have to leave tomorrow. We had a good breakfast. Abby and Emily acted well and Isabelle slept the entire time.

After lunch Poppy, Abby, and myself headed out to The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3D. It was a pretty corny movie, but Abby seemed to like it. The 3D effects were fairly lame, with only a few good areas. Also, after a while, the 3D effects were giving me a headache. After the movie, Abby and Emily ran around the house with the 3D glasses on pretending they were Shark Girl and Lava Girl.

After dinner I took Nana and Poppy up to my work so that they could see the new building we moved into at the beginning of the year. They were amazed at how much we had grown since I gave them a tour a year and a half ago when they were here last.

Today’s picture is from when we were in the hospital the first day when Isabelle was born and Nana and Emily were visiting.