Sale of a Video Card

Home at a decent hour today. Too many hours at work. I had to escape. I missed seeing the kids so I got home before they were going to bed.

Right before I bought the two new Dell computers, I was planning on building my own computer. I bought an ATI All-In-Wonder 9000 in anticipation of building the new computer. I thought I was going to be able to put it in my old computer before buying a new motherboard. Unfortunately it required a 2x AGP slot and the old computer just had a 1x AGP slot. I didn’t even know there were different speeds of AGP slots when I bought the card. Anyway, since I bought the new computers it made the video card obsolete, so I decided to try and get my money back by selling it on eBay. I sent in the rebate and then I was able to see it for $115 on eBay. There were no bids all week and finally during the last hour someone put in a bid. Now I’m just waiting for the money to arrive.

Today’s picture is from Emily playing around the house. Lately she’s been hiding in the pantry and popping out with this really funny expression on her face.

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