Garbage Can Blues

Another long day at work. I’ve been putting the long hours in because this weekend I’m being left alone with the kids as Jennifer treks off to a church retreat. That’s right, I will be left all alone with the kids almost all weekend.

Yesterday morning a note was left on our large garbage can by the garbage men. Apparently we aren’t supposed to have garbage cans over 32 gallons. We have one that is 50 gallons that we bought in Austin and moved here with us. We’ve been using it for five months now. What made them all of a sudden not like our garbage can?

Today was Abby’s school picture. I will scan it in and post it here once we get it in. At home, Abby’s been not wanting to get her picture taken lately as evident by today’s picture at the beach. You tell her to say “cheese” and she says “no” and turns away from the camera.

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