Going to the Beach

This morning we went out and ate breakfast at the Peach Valley Cafe. It was pretty good and the girls did well. We usually cannot go out to restaurants because about five minutes after we sit down, the kids are squirming and cannot sit still. The cafe had colors to entertain Abby and a bead toy to entertain Emily. They actually sat and played while we ate our breakfast. There was a little bit of restlessness near the end, but overall the girls did a good job.

After breakfast, I was off to work while Jennifer, Abby, and Emily went to New Smyrna Beach. This was the first time Emily had been at the beach since she started walking. Both her and Abby liked playing in the waves and making sand castles. The water was too cold and Abby sent some of the time shivering on the beach blanket. Today’s picture is of Emily on the beach. There will be more beach photos for the next few days.

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