Sitting in Traffic

Believe it or not, but it’s almost 1:00 in the morning and I’m currently sitting in the middle of I-4 in deadlock traffic. You got to love laptop computers. I’m able to write this since the traffic is not moving at all. I think they are doing road construction and have halted traffic all together. You would know that it would be the exit right before I need to get off. Another amazing thing, I’m in the middle of I-4 between the Lake Mary and Heathrow exit and there’s a wireless computer network which is asking me for a password.

Not much happened today. Abby and Emily are not feeling well. Jennifer thinks it’s after effects from getting a little too much sun at the beach on Saturday. The didn’t get sunburned, but they are a little cranky.

I spent most of my day not sitting at my desk. We don’t have enough GameCube development kits to go around, so we have one at a common station that has to be shared by the people who aren’t lucky enough to have a dev kit at their desk. Ironically none of the lead programmers have GameCube dev kits.

Today’s picture is still from the beach.

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