The Constellation Daisy

abby_constalation This week’s Frenchville entry is brought to you by Abby. She had an assignment to create a constellation and come up with a story about the person who the constellation represented:

Long, long ago there was a beautiful girl named Daisy. She wore a ruby red dress. Pluto saw Daisy and fell in love with her. Pluto popped in front of Daisy and she jumped back.

“Do not be afraid,” said Pluto. “I want to take you to the Underworld.”

Daisy nodded a tiny bit.

Pluto walked by Daisy and said, “Okay, Let’s go!” And poof they were gone!

Meanwhile, Daisy’s mom was very mad that Pluto had taken Daisy to the Underworld, but she was the Goddess of Nature who made the Earth cold and the plants and trees die.

When Daisy saw the Underworld she was filled with awe.

Pluto said, “Yes. I know it is big.” Then a loud sound came on.

“What is that?” Daisy asked.

“That means something is going wrong on top of the Earth.” Daisy knew it was her mother. “We have to back up there.” And poof they were gone!

When they got up to the Earth, Daisy found her mother and she said, “STOP!!!” Then Earth was warm and the plants and the trees grew again.

Pluto asked, why she was doing this.

“She is my daughter!”

“Here she is. Now stop,” said Pluto, who left and said bye to Daisy. Then poof Pluto was gone.

Now Daisy is up in the night sky forever and ever.

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