Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, Day 2


The day started early with a trip over to the beach. The resort doesn’t border the beach, but they have what they call a Beach House. It’s a small property with a smaller pool and access to the beach. We went down early for a tour of the different creatures that inhabit the beach. The girls quickly lost interest and headed down to play in the waves.

After lunch, we headed over the pool area’s community room in order to make “vacation pillows”. The girls picked out two pieces of fabric and then cut some fringe along the sides and tied to together. They stuffed the pillow and closed up the forth side.


We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Where Abby had the quote of the day. They were getting ready to start “Pool-Side Karaoke” and she said, “When are they going to start singing so that we can judge them.” I’m already judging them by electing to participate in pool-side karaoke.

The evening was “Kids Night Out”. We took the girls back up to the community room where they had some pizza and then went out to the movies to see Nanny McPhee Returns. While they were out, we went out to eat at a local restaurant, CQ’s. Afterwards, we walked around the harbor before heading back to the resort to pick up the girls.

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