Starting Up Soccer Again


After taking a year off, we’ve enrolled Emily back into soccer. She enjoyed it so much back when we were in Houston and she’s been asking for quite some time to get back into it. She just started three weeks ago and she’s already had three games. Although, they have a record of 0-2-1, they have potential and I think there has to be some weaker teams out there that they can take.


I can tell that Emily likes playing forward the best. As she says, she likes “kicking the ball”. I can also tell that she’s more aggressive than she was back in Kindergarten because she’s getting up where the ball is, where she used to hang back a little, shy to get into the mix or get hit by the ball.

This last game she was goalie for the first time and she did pretty well. I wasn’t so sure, but she tracked the ball well when they came near her. In total, she had 5 stops and threw the ball out better than any of the other girls. She said she enjoyed being the goalie, but I think in her heart she still enjoys playing forward.

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