NFL Head Coach Released

Today was the big day. NFL Head Coach was released to the public. It’s now available in stores, so go out and buy a copy. We got our copies of the game and took a team photo. I’ll be updating my site for the game soon with up to date screen shots and information about the features in the game.

I’ve been playing softball again. Unfortunately because Head Coach has been Finaling, I missed a few games. Also, our team isn’t doing all that great. We lost again tonight making us 0-5. Because I’ve missed most of the games, I only got to play the last half of the game. I went 0-1 with a fly out to left center field. I made one play hit to me at second base.

Today’s picture is from Isabelle’s party back in Lindale, Texas. She was getting help opening her parents from Abby and Emily.

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