eBay Phishing

We were checking on our stuff that we were selling on eBay and all of a sudden noticed that more stuff was being sold by us. We think Jennifer clicked on a link from a phishing e-mail which fed her eBay password, which was stored in a cookie, to that web site. Jennifer knew it was a phishing e-mail and didn’t do anything, but she did click on the link, which was going straight to a specific IP address. Anyway, we sat there and watched as up to 50 items started being added to our account. Jennifer changed her password immediately and then contacted eBay. What’s weird about eBay is that they don’t have phone customer service. You have to get into a chat room and chat with a customer service representative. They asked her a few questions and then removed the extra items. So, don’t ever click on a link that’s in an e-mail from someone you don’t know. Another precaution would be not to click on the checkbox that stores your password on your computer.

Today’s picture is from our trip. It’s Isabelle and my mom posing on the couch. Isabelle’s favorite place to be was on Nana’s couch. She liked hiding under the pillows.

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