A Day of Rest and Cleaning

We spent the day recovering and cleaning up from our Texas Trip. Jennifer vacuumed out and cleaned the inside of the Sequoia. With the girls in the back and four days of being inside the truck, you would be amazed at how dirty it got. I mowed the lawn, which had grown up to a foot in a few places in the back yard, and did all the laundry from our trip. We also had several things (dishes, PDA, and mobile phone) which we needed to get up on eBay, so we did that as well. Later in the afternoon, Jennifer’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince audio book was available at the library so we went and picked it up while Abby went swimming at a neighbor’s house.

Today’s picture is from our trip. Isabelle is laying on the floor enjoying a magazine at Nana and Poppy’s house.

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