Cotton Candy

It’s been a pretty normal week and not much to talk about. A typical week consists of constantly cleaning the girls’ play room as seen in this picture. Jennifer says that it seems like she’s cleaning it constantly all day.

Yesterday the girls had a Halloween party at church that they went to. Jennifer said that Abby finally got to have cotton candy. Last 4th of July I promised Abby some, but the place we went to watch fireworks at didn’t have any. All the sugar propelled Abby to the bounce house that was there. It had a giant plastic slide and Abby was jumping straight into the air and roll all the way down.

We continued our losing streak in softball yesterday, with a record of 0-6. We were winning 8-1 after the first inning and we were starting to think if the Boston Red Sox could break their curse, then perhaps we could break ours. We got too confident and we couldn’t recreate the bats of the first inning as we lost 16-9. I actually batted really well: 3-4 with 2 runs and 1 RBI and fielding was good in spite of the infield being as hard a concrete. Maybe next week. At this point I just want us to win one game.

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