Busy Saturday

Today was a busy day. First, we went to a Fall Festival at church. It’s a fund raiser for their pre-school, which is the school that Abby went to last year. There were hay rides, jump houses, games, and face painters. Everyone was amazed that Emily would go up and down this giant blow-up slide by herself. She loved it and kept sliding down over and over again. As the picture to the right shows, Emily got very contemplative during the hay ride.

Later, we had a baby sitter come over to watch the kids while Jennifer and I went to see a musical, Miss Saigon. It was really good, especially when you have second row seats. I originally saw Miss Saigon on a trip to New York thirteen years ago. Back then I saw it from the second row from the back of the balcony. Makes quite a difference being that close.

This was the first time we had a baby sitter come in and watch both girls since we moved into our house. It’s nice to have a regular baby sitter and we hope to use her more so that we can go out occasionally.

Finally, the Texas Longhorns crushed the Colorado Buffalo 31 to 7. It wasn’t looking too good during the first quarter after Vince Young threw two interceptions. Colorado was actually winning 7-0 after the first quarter. It was good that Vince didn’t panic. He brushed himself off and had two very good solid drives which started the steamroller which ran all over Colorado.

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