Looking for a New Camera

Today was a normal Saturday where we try and clean the house and do laundry. I went up to the RDV Sportsplex and joined as part of Tiburon’s corporate membership.

We all went to Best Buy to look for a new digital camera. Our current camera hasn’t been fairing too well. The screen on the back of the camera has stopped working. One of the reasons there wasn’t too many pictures from our trip to the zoo last week was because the camera ran out of batteries. The low battery power indicator is on the screen, so we couldn’t tell it was almost out of power. There wasn’t a camera there that I liked so we’ve decided to wait a little bit. At least our current camera still takes pictures.

Tonight I watched the Longhorns roll all over the Texas Tech Red Raiders 51 – 21. They looked more improved tonight. Vince Young had some good passes down field, which seemed make their offense look a lot less one dimensional.

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