The Easter Bunny Arrives

We were awaken early this morning to Abby’s exclamations that the Easter Bunny had arrived. They opened up their Easter baskets which were full of candy and presents. They each got a video: Emily received a Dora the Explorer video and Abby received Shark Tale. Once their baskets were open they ran around the house collecting eggs which the Easter Bunny had hidden. Emily was more interested in opening up and watching the Dora video than looking for eggs.

Afterwards, we went to church and I snapped today’s picture once we got home of the girls in their Easter dresses. After lunch Emily and Jennifer took a nap while Abby and I watched Shark Tale. It was better than Robots, but I still don’t think it’s up to Shrek quality.

For dinner we had a big meal with ham, mashed potatoes, and an apple pie for desert. We ate at our new dining room table for the first time in order to break it in. Hope everyone out there had a nice and safe Easter Sunday.

One last milestone today. This marks around a year since I created Previously it was called the French Family Web site and didn’t have it’s own domain. It was this time that I started doing regular blog entries. Here’s to many more years of blogging about the happenings of our family.

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