Emily’s Potty Training

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back and should have pretty consistent entries for at least the next week. The reason being: I’m on vacation. I started my “Spring Break” today and won’t be back to work until a week from Monday. It’s nice to finally have some time off.

A couple of things have happened since the last entry. The dining room furniture that was Jennifer’s Christmas gift finally arrived. The furniture really looks great and it’s finally nice to have a dining room with furniture in it. I’ve always been embarrassed when I invite people over to our house and we don’t have anything in our dining room. The other event that happened this week is that we finally had the interior of the house painted. The painters have been working on it over the last few days and they finished up today. Jennifer did an excellent job picking out colors. Our bathroom looks about a billion times better than the pealing wallpaper that used to be in there. I made the comment to Jennifer that our house is starting to look like a “model home”. She really liked hearing that.

Because this was my first day of vacation, Jennifer thought it would be a good day to start potty training Emily. She’s been showing signs of wanting to sit on the potty, but we had a hard time getting Abby started, so we didn’t want to push her. After all, it is only two months after her two year birthday. Jennifer put panties on Emily and then promptly left me alone with her. I asked Emily every five minutes if she needed to go tinkle on the potty and even forced her to go sit on the potty, but no tinkle. Well, after two pairs of panties, two pairs of pants, and many paper towels later, I gave up and put a diaper on her. Fortunately later on in the day she did actually tinkle on the potty, which was a good sign. Just don’t leave me alone with her with nothing but thin cotton between her butt and the ground.

Today’s picture is from last week when we went to the park.

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