Swimming & Carpet Selection


The weekend went pretty quick here at the French household. On Saturday, we broke into two groups. Jennifer, Abby, and Isabelle went with Jennifer’s mom to pick out carpet and paint for the construction that’s going on at their house. The house is being repaired after roof damage from Hurricane Ike. The roof is being completely re-done and a lot of the sheet rock and carpet are being replaced inside the house.

While they were off doing that, Emily and myself went to a pool party for her “boyfriend”, Zachary. I was a little confused about having a pool party in December, until I found out it was at an indoor pool. Emily still being timid around water, I took my swimsuit with me just in case she chickened out, which she did. She and I kept to the shallow end, but she had a good time.

Sunday we went back to our new favorite breakfast spot, the Avalon Diner. We discovered this place when my parents were down. The only problem being that it’s all the way into Sugar Land, which means about a 20 minute drive.

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